Artifox Monument

We’re all about classing up our workspace here at Coolector HQ and, when the need comes to add some awesomeness to our desk, the guys at Artifox are invariably one of our first destinations. Their latest release is the epitome of small but perfectly formed – say hello to the Artifox Monument. Available in two different colourways – Charcoal and Natural – the Monument will definitely ramp up the versatility of your workspace whilst providing a striking focal point in the process.

Available for the great price of just $90, the Artifox Monument is right up our street aesthetically here at The Coolector and each one is cast from solid cement for a real impactful presence on any creative’s desk. It takes its design inspiration from brutalist architecture on both Earth and Arrakis and the impressive-looking iPhone stand boasts sumptuous sculpted details in a traditional building material providing it with a very different hand-feel from most other stands on the market.

If you’re rocking an iPhone and you want to cultivate the sort of workspace that harbours creativity and productivity then the Monument from Artifox is an essential addition to your line up in our opinion here at The Coolector. Monument is the ideal partner in crime for your iPhone and iOS 17’s StandBy mode and, better still, this top-notch bit of kit from Artifox is also compatible with MagSafe iPhone cases so it has that extra layer of versatility.

Each one is made in the USA and there is a tangible sense of quality to the touch. Artifox’s obsession with material and architecture led their exploration to cement for the creation of the Monument. It is an imperfectly perfect building block and ideally suited to this type of workspace accessory. Every unit is hand mixed and cast, giving each and every Monument a unique one-of-a-kind look and feel that ensures that yours will be unique to you and you alone. Add a touch of brutalism to your workspace this fall – head on over to Artifox now to grab yours.

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