Sobro Smart Side Table

Smart furniture is becoming more and more prominent in contemporary homes and finding the right pieces that straddle the line of aesthetics and performance is often difficult to accomplish but the Sobro Smart Side Table does exactly that and it is funding over on Indiegogo as we speak.

The Sobro Smart Side Table is an incredibly functional piece of designer furniture that lets you simplify your life with wireless charging, a cooler drawer for your favourite craft beers and beverages and Bluetooth speakers to name but a few of the stand out features of this cracking piece of furniture. If you love your interiors to have a technological edge, this will be exactly up your street and delivers both form and function.

Your Side Table Just Got Smarter

We’re big fans of smart tech at The Coolector and this Sobro Smart Side Table is a fine example of this sort of design being done right. It boasts a wireless charging pad, extremely quiet (so it won’t keep you up at night) cooling drawer, Bluetooth speakers, LED lights, and various smart sleep features, which all combine to make this a piece of furniture that is crafted to help you live better and with technology at your fingertips.

The Sobro Smart Side Table on Indiegogo breathes new life into the traditional bed side table and gives you so much more functionality, making it more than just somewhere to put a lamp. This excellent piece of technology centric design has all manner of awesome features built right into its structure which includes a cooler drawer for drinks, wireless charging for your smartphone, Bluetooth speakers for playing your favourite tunes, a front-facing LED nightlight, a locking storage drawer and app enabled mood lighting.

Probably the stand out feature of the Sobro Smart Side Table is the integrated cooler which keeps your drinks chilled and always at hand. The incredibly quiet operation of the cooler drawer ensures that it is perfect for the bedroom and will make sure you never have to get out of bed in the middle of the night again to get a refreshing cold beverage. Gadget lovers will also rejoice in the fact this top notch offering has wireless charging for two phones built-in to the top of the Sobro Side Table. There is also two USB ports and two USB-C Ports along with 2 (120v) outlets on the back so you can always keep your tech juiced

A Better Night’s Sleep

The Sobro Smart Side Table is designed to help deliver a better night’s sleep and the intelligent sleep mode will help you create great sleep patterns and keep to them. It has LED lights on the back of the table which can simulate sunrise to help you wake up easily whilst there is also an in-built white noise generator which will help drown out noise pollution and make sure you always wake up feeling rested and relaxed.

Funding on Indiegogo as we speak and rapidly approaching the $1m mark, it’s plain to see that there is a lot of tech inclined individuals who want to make this cracking design part of their interior design set up. Great to look at and overflowing with first class technological features, it’s easy to see why this is rapidly becoming one of the crowdfunding platform’s most popular campaigns to date.

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