Madrone Ridge House

Copper is one of the most aesthetically pleasing materials on the planet and, when done right, can really elevate a property to lofty new levels of visual awesomeness. If you’re after an example of it being done right, look no further than Madrone Ridge House from Field Architecture. The talented team of architects designed this glorious Sonoma Valley home using a trio of fanning copper-clad pavilions with decidedly eye-catching butterfly roofs.

Boasting a vast 4,920 square feet of living space, Madrone Ridge House in Sonoma Valley really is an extraordinary piece of design both inside and out. It is positioned within the watershed of northern California’s Russian River and this means that it is dry in the summers with heavy rainfall typical in the winter months. As such the plot’s geography was the driving force behind the design along with the client’s desire to co-inhabit the land with the region’s varied plant and animal life.

Nestled among trees on a hill that overlooks the valley’s iconic vineyards, Madrone Ridge House from Field Architecture beckons residents and visitors along a gravel and stone pathway and into the majestic-looking property. A 500-year-old cedar wedge serves as a bench in the entry garden and it is the perfect spot to sit and reflect. The property’s design takes inspiration from the flow of water, with copper-clad pavilions connected by glazed corridors. The pavilions are supported by two stone bases, which is where you’ll find the home’s main living spaces.

The roofs of Madrone Ridge House consist of two triangular planes each that slope toward the centre of the property and these are purpose built to collect rainwater and redirect it to river-rock basins. The roof planes fold down along the edge of each pavilion, turning to copper screens that provide striking shadow patterns on the interior areas of the home and create a visually engaging element to the interior design aesthetic. The palette for the interiors uses natural materials such as stone and oak and madrone wood finishes that really make it a relaxing space for the owners.

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