Trintec NAV-01 Series Watches

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and when you think of aviation-inspired, instrument-style watches, chances are that watchmakers like Bell & Ross will immediately spring to mind when, in fact, there is a lesser known, albeit no less awesome, brand that sets the wheels in motion for this type of timepiece – namely, Trintec Watches, that was founded in 1984 and made their first watch in 1990. Whilst commonplace today, Trintec was the first company to produce and sell an aviation instrument-inspired watch which featured the design elements of an aircraft altimeter so they can very much be considered the trailblazers of some of the world’s most popular aviation watches today.

One of our favourite watches from Trintec here at Coolector HQ is their robust, adventure-ready NAV-01 Series of timepieces that are seeking to hark back to an era of aviation before digital glass displays became commonplace in aircraft cockpits. This highly striking design aesthetic ensures that the NAV-01 from Trintec will be the sort of watch that turns heads everywhere you go and it definitely won’t let you down when push comes to shove.

With prices starting at $449.95, the NAV-01 is available in a couple of different versions – a GMT version in Black or Stainless Steel and, similarly, a Chronograph version available in the same material options – so you’re sure to find one that matches your style sensibilities. Trintec develops and manufactures the majority of its products at its manufacturing facility in Ajax, Ontario, Canada and currently supplies its offerings to some of the world’s largest aircraft manufacturers and aerospace companies so you know these aviation watches really are the real deal.

For the chronograph version of the NAV-01 series, you’ll find it powered by the ever-impressive Miyota OS-20 Quartz Chronograph Movement that is both robust and reliable. It also has Japanese LumiNova on dial and hands to ensure you can read the time in low light conditions and to ensure the adventure-readiness of this timepiece, the lens is crafted from sapphire crystal with an AR coating.

If it’s the GMT that you’ve got your eye on for the NAV-01 from Trintec, this is just as expertly put together and boasts a Swiss Made Ronda 515-24 Quartz GMT Movement and this fact alone makes the sub-$500 price tag all the more remarkable. The GMT offering also has many of the same design elements as the chronograph but has an enhanced water-resistance of 20ATM which will be more than enough to handle any deep sea adventures afoot.

For fans of aviation-inspired watches, Trintec really should be a watchmaker on the tip of your tongue given just how instrumental they have been in creating the sort of timepieces that are seen on men’s wrists all over the world nowadays and their wonderful NAV-01 collection of watches is a fine example of their excellent watchmaking talents. Head on over to their site to secure yours now.

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