Lems Boulder Summit Waterproof Boots

If hiking in Fall, you’re definitely going to need a pair of boots that are waterproof but if you also want something that delivers the sort of comfort and performance that you’d demand from wilderness-ready footwear. Enter Lems Boulder Summit Waterproof Boots that take inspiration from the original Boulder Boot, but now combine the rugged outsole of the Outlander to offer a more secure grip in whatever terrains you encounter on your next great outdoors adventure.

Priced at $185, the Lems Boulder Summit Waterproof Boots are exceptional value for money and come in a number of different colourways for you to choose from – including Coal, Rugged Bark and Nitro – so you’ll certainly be able to find a pair that tallies with your style sensibilities. If you’ve been patiently waiting for Lems to release a Boulder Boot style that can expertly tackle the trails, you can go ahead and take a breath now. Now take another, and another, because you’ll be huffing and puffing up and over the hiking trails in considerable comfort for years to come.

The Boulder Summit Boot from Lems is an impressively lightweight hiking boot that joins together the very best features of the Boulder Boot and the Outlander. It has a minimalist design aesthetic that delivers top-notch flexibility and a wide toe box that gives your toes plenty of room to move – something imperative to comfort levels when on a long hike. The rubber outsole has 4mm deep lugs and zig-zag grooves for excellent traction on even the most slippery surfaces.

Boasting a brand new, sticky rubber outsole that incorporates 4mm deep lugs for unbeatable traction on snow, mud, and everywhere in between, it’s not hard to see why these Boulder Summit Waterproof Boots from Lems are positively flying off the shelves this fall. The built-in zig-zag grooves (siping) are capable of delivering additional biting edges to cut into ice/snow and this is great for uneven ground because it will help your feet get a grip in even the most slippery of situations.

With its fully waterproof membrane and gusseted tongue, the Lems Boulder Summit Waterproof Boot will keep your feet dry and warm, especially after a day on the slopes or slogging through slush on your way to the bar and the fact you can get a pair of these high-quality boots on your feet and still have change from $200 is the real icing on the cake in our opinion here at Coolector HQ. Looking to head out into the wild this fall? Make sure you’ve got a pair of Boulder Summit Waterproof Boots on your feet for the occasion.

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