Women’s Tennis Apparel: Everything You Need To Know

Women’s Tennis Apparel: Everything You Need To Know

Tennis attire has changed over the years. A curious and very important fact is that the clothing used for this sport is usually white or very light colors. However, women’s tennis apparel is the most demanded one.

  1. Tennis shoes: This article is one of the most important. Since as we know tennis is a sport in which we are constantly moving. In addition to using the wrong footwear can cause us serious injuries.
  2. Women’s skirt: The right clothes for women are skirts, but now it is very common to see women wearing shorts on the court.
  3. Polo shirts: Men and women use this type of shirts if they are playing an appropriate game of tennis.
  4. Caps: Although not many know this is one of the most important elements in the clothing of tennis players.

Evolution Of Women’s Tennis Apparel

Women’s Tennis Apparel During1800

Women’s designer tennis clothing is now a commonplace, especially in Wimbledon, which has been the scene of tennis fashion made by most people. Women started playing tennis during the 1860s.

Women’s Tennis Apparel: Everything You Need To Know

The 1900s

Women’s tennis clothing eliminates scene hats and hustle-bustle. Dorothea Lambert Chambers, seven-times Wimbledon champion. During this time was wearing two or three rigid petticoats. As well as corsets with his tennis clothes.

More than any other sports attire, women’s tennis uniforms have played an important role. As a reflection of fashion trends and cultural changes. The players. Meanwhile, have always been judged both for their style choices and for their performance. During the early years of the 1900s when modesty and elegance dominated over comfort and practicality.

Women’s Tennis Apparel: Everything You Need To Know

Other Sartorial Innovations

In 1949, American tennis player Gussie Moran astonished her Wimbledon audience. By wearing an unusually short that showed with each movement a flash of her lace-trimmed underwear. The designer behind that scandalous outfit. The British Ted Tinling was accused of introducing “vulgarity and sin to tennis. Despite being banned from the host duties. He performed at Wimbledon for 33 years.

When shorts and short skirts began to be imposed, tennis began to take off and become popular, primarily in the United States. The garments remained almost similar for decades, with the same materials and colors, until in the 70s designs began to appear soft colors of light blue and yellow.

Modern Women’s Tennis Apparels

The Wimbledon post-war years began with women wearing sensible clothes that made tennis easier to play. Tennis clothing became a combination of short-sleeved shirts, skirts or shorts and covered by rider tops. Nothing creates more stir than when Gertrude Moran played in the 1949 Championship. She wore a white dress with white satin trim. Below were a pair of cropped lace panties.

However, the game is not the only thing that has conditioned the clothing of the racket athletes, but also the fact that they themselves are fashionable icons. And it is that to equal in income to the male tennis players, the components of the WTA have to throw a lot of the sponsorships, who appreciate their careful body when it comes to wearing from dresses to jewels, personalized bags or watches.

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