The Bretman Rockabilly Ab Workout – An Abs Workout That Will Kick Your Butt

bretman rock ab workout

The Bretman Rockabilly workout consists of six parts: three sets of pushups, two pull-ups, and one leg extension. Use any variation of each movement until you have mastered them. Be careful not to overdo any one move – it should be a fluid movement that you are comfortable with, not something that feels forced.

Pushes: Use dumbbells or barbells for these workouts. Pushups work your chest and triceps and help you build strong abdominal muscles. To perform a pushup, position yourself under a standard bar, with your palms resting on the bar. Keep your elbows close together and extend your body as far as you can, then lower yourself back down slowly. Use a moderate amount of resistance for your first few workouts, since your triceps will need to grow before you will be able to increase the weights you use for your pushups.

Pullups: These are performed while sitting, laying back, or laying on your side. With your palms facing away from you, pull your hands towards your chin. Let your arms hang straight with your shoulders width apart. Raise your legs and do as many reps as possible, using as much weight as you can muster. Do these workouts for at least 20, forty, and sixty seconds.

Bretman Rock Ab Workout

Bretman Rockabilly

Crunches: Lie flat on your stomach, with your upper back and hips parallel to the ground. Crunch into your upper body, using your legs to support you. Squeeze your buttocks to close the torso and hold. Lower slowly into a fully reclined position, and repeat. Go ahead and do the same workout for at least twenty, forty, and sixty seconds. You will be in a better position to gauge how effective this Bretman Rock Ab Workout is when you are able to do at least sixty reps.

Doing a Chloe ting ab routine does not mean that it’s absolutely impossible to gain great abs. It only means that, with enough dedication, one is capable of putting in the effort necessary for success. This is certainly no overnight thing. It took months of hard work and plenty of discipline to get the results that you want. The results will be gradual because your body will need time to recover and become accustomed to the new diet that you will be following. If you do start crunches with a plan, you will be able to add more weight and reps later on.

A Much Ado 

Bretman Rockabilly

There are many ways to get your batman rock ab workout. You could spend money buying an instructional video. I don’t recommend this because you are not going to learn anything that will help you to build muscle mass. You can’t make any progress unless your body develops the muscles and fat-melting mechanism that is necessary to perform these workouts.

You could spend money on a video download but there are a few problems with this approach. First, the information that you receive from these videos is often outdated. This means that you will be wasting time and potentially causing yourself to fail if you continue to use these videos after the first three months. Secondly, it’s difficult to figure out which video download provides the most valuable information. Again, there is no way of knowing which ones are going to provide you with the most value for your money.

Bottom Line 

When you purchase the video download, you will receive instructions on a few easy steps to follow but the truth is that they are not difficult to accomplish. Anyone can do them. That’s why the batman rock ab routine is by far the easiest way to get great abs. Do it correctly and you can see results in just a few weeks. By following the simple steps provided in the videos, you can quickly turn your ab routine into an absolute masterpiece.

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