The Best Time To Do Your Next Gym Workout Routine

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The Iron Gym is an ideal piece of home gym equipment to use to complete full-body strength training workouts at home. With the Iron Gym machine, you are able to complete a wide range of upper body exercises, which include pullups using various grips, pushups and dips as well as abdominal crunches and straight leg raises. There are numerous different models of Iron Gym machines available to purchase, and each of these offers unique benefits to the consumer. These features are often advertised on the product packaging to entice consumers into purchasing their own gym machine. However, before making any purchases, it is important to understand what the Iron Gym machine offers to its users.

Iron Gym

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For a comprehensive workout routine, there is nothing that comes close to the Iron Gym. Not only do the resistance levels enable you to challenge your muscles to the max, but also the variety of exercises that the Iron Gym can make available to you are second to none. When using the machine for a full-body workout routine, you are practically guaranteed to burn hundreds of calories, tone up and build muscle mass all in a matter of minutes. This makes the Iron Gym routine extremely versatile, allowing it to be used by people of any age or fitness level.

In a standard gym workout session, the workout routine will usually consist of several exercises. These exercises can include pull ups or chin-ups, squats or lunges, bench press or bodybuilding or weightlifting, and then of course there are the cardio workouts such as running, biking or swimming. If you do not feel confident using weights, you could also opt for alternative forms of resistance training such as pullups or pushups. A typical workout will normally last between one and five hours, with individuals completing each of the exercises in between one to three sets. Some people prefer to alternate between different workout sets, whereas others like to keep it balanced, working out in sets of eight, for example.

Hand And Feet Movements

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For those people who are more ambitious about toning their bodies, there are various machines available for sale which are based on traditional gym workout methods, but adapted for use at home. The machine includes a variety of hand and feet movements, as well as knee bends and chest presses, which are executed in the same way in a commercial gym. You may find that these machines are easier to use than regular dumbbells or barbells as they can target several muscle groups at once. With regular free weights, a single muscle group will have to be worked upon repeatedly, which is not only exhausting physically but can be tiring mentally.

Aim To Challenge Your Muscles

When looking for a way to set yourself up for a workout routine at home, it is important to remember that you should aim to challenge your muscles to the maximum. For this, you should always warm up and then cool down. Warm up exercises involve light cardiovascular exercise, such as walking, running or cycling, in order to increase your heart rate. This is done before starting the exercise, as it allows you to raise your energy level and get ready for the harder stuff ahead. For those who are new to exercise, these kinds of exercises can seem boring, but after a few days of doing them you will find that they become an integral part of your workout routine.


So, what about Monday? That’s when your next workout routine should take place. With your cardio sessions having done their job, your upper body muscles can be targeted with upper body exercises like bench presses and shoulder presses. Lower body exercises can include squats, lunges, and abs while upper body exercises should be kept to curls, squats, and deadlifts. When you’re done with your routines, you’ll have completed two sets of 12-15 reps of each of the four main muscles groups and will feel pumped!

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