Sports Bras: Everything You Need To Know | How To Choose The Best Bra

Sports Bras: Everything You Need To Know

Sports Bras: Everything You Need To Know

We all know what a bra is and what its main function is, but not all of them work for all occasions. Here we will focus on the sports bra, what they are and what they offer in the field of sport, what differences there are between the sports bra and top, the importance of sizes, recommended models and everything that surrounds these high-impact bras.

Sports Bras: Everything You Need To Know
Sports Bras: Everything You Need To Know

This type of bra has a specific function and is to give you a feeling of comfort during exercise. The sports bra offers your chest greater support, which makes practicing sports or physical activities much more comfortable.

Many times we are not aware of the importance of getting a good bra that suits the size, weight, and needs of the chest. Not all women are equal, and therefore, neither should sports bras.

Choose Breathable Materials Always

Sports tops and running bras are made of breathable materials. When we are going to practice any type of sport, we place special emphasis on the clothes we wear that are suitable, technical and breathable to avoid unnecessary hot flashes and major problems.

In the same way, we must do it with the bras, since, being an intimate garment that is in constant contact with our skin, it is necessary that it can perspire to avoid subsequent skin complications since sweating could irritate the skin and eventually generate very annoying chafing.

How To Choose The Ideal Sports Bras Size?

As with conventional sports bra, sports shoes also divide their sizes into letters and numbers, but what does each measure represent? Of course, buying it “by eye” is a bad idea, it must be ensured that it is consistent with the contour and cup measures of the athlete, without causing exaggerated movement restrictions or another discomfort.

Sports Bras: Everything You Need To Know
Sports Bras: Everything You Need To Know
  1. To be able to choose the size of sports bra that best suits our needs we must take into account the two key measures: the contour of the trunk and that of the chest or cup.
  2. Measure the chest contour: with a tape measure, but it just below the chest, around the entire trunk and ribs. Check that the tape is tight, expel the air so that we are in a relaxed posture. Round to the nearest whole number.
  3. Take a cup measurement: the measurement is taken by passing the measuring tape through the most voluminous area of ​​the chest.

Unfortunately, these are not universal rules, since sizes may vary slightly depending on the bra brand. However, the best trick we can give you is to check the size guide of each manufacturer, since there they usually give advice on how to perform the measurement of each contour (some do it above the chest, others below, others advise putting on a bra without padding to make the measurement, others that are rounded to the lower whole number).

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