How to Build Up Your Abs Fast - A Six-Week Workout Plan For the Shoulder Upper and Lower Body -

How to Build Up Your Abs Fast – A Six-Week Workout Plan For the Shoulder Upper and Lower Body

6 week workout plan

4 week workout plan at home without the equipment Jumping Jacks. A good full body workout which improves cardiovascular fitness, strengthen the whole body and promotes overall relaxation. These exercises also boosts the metabolism, improves joint flexibility, boosts muscle strength and helps in weight loss. These exercises are suitable for people of all ages; they do not need special equipment to carry out this exercise. They are simple exercises, anyone can carry them out and do them from their own homes.

What Is A 6-Week Workout Plan At Home?

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The 6-Week Workout Plan at Home is a complete cardiovascular workout that will increase your endurance and stamina. This exercise consists of workouts for the upper body, shoulders and lower body with optional stretches to improve flexibility. It is designed so that every muscle group is worked out so that the user develops strong and flexible muscles.

Which Are The Primary Muscle Group Targeted In This Workout Plan?

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The main muscle group worked during the 6-week workout plan at home is the chest and upper shoulders. The chest is worked by doing incline dumbbell presses and flat bench presses. Also, by doing alternating dumbbell flyes, lying flat flies and upright dumbbell flies, one is able to build up the shoulders.

The shoulders can also be targeted through the 6-week workout plan at home. This exercise is done by having a barbell in each hand. One is positioned over the barbell with arms crossed and one is in a running position with feet shoulder width apart. The other person will then do a standard side leg raise and then an alternating one leg raise. The person doing the side leg raise and the alternating one leg raise alternate the arms positions.

The arms and triceps are the other two major muscle groups that are worked out during the 6-week workout plan at home. For the arm exercise, one can perform standard barbell curls and cable curls. Meanwhile for the triceps extension, hanging raises and wide-grip dips are the ideal exercises that can achieve the desired results.

Which Are The Advanced Exercises Included In This Workout Plan?

The advanced training exercises that are included in the six-week workout plan at home are the squats and dead lifts. The squats should be done with low resistance, while the dead lifts should be done with high resistance. By doing both of these exercises, the legs become stronger which leads to a more muscular appearance. Both of these workouts can be alternated with other basic workouts such as push ups and pull ups.

The last part of the 6-week workout plan at home is the second sprint. This is an intermediate level exercise. It can be done through the use of elastic bands or ankle weights. The idea of this exercise is to increase the metabolic rate by forcing the body to burn the energy it has stored in the form of calories faster than it can be used up.

Final Words

The final exercise that should be added to the home six pack workout plan is the jumping jacks exercise. Jumping jacks are done by using two feet and keeping the knees slightly bent while the arms are kept parallel to the ground. The person is to jump as high as possible. The person can do these from the ground or from a chair. These exercises will provide a very good work out for the shoulders, upper and lower body. It will also increase the abdominal muscles.

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