Four Things To Remember While Choosing Pilates Workout Clothing

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If you are a health freak and exercise daily, you should know that Pilates is a kind of exercise that helps the muscles to become more flexible by helping you maintain a proper posture. Pilates further increases your core strength and also maintains a balance in your muscles. In simple words, this exercise makes you strong but not bulky. The proportion of forces remains constant; however, the flexibility of the muscles increases considerably.  

Things To Know While Choosing Clothes For  Pilates Class

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If you are heading for your Pilates class, here are four things you should keep in mind while choosing Pilates workout clothing.

  • Clothes should neither be too loose nor too tight. Pilates include stretches, so the clothes you wear must be decent and cover you comfortably. If the clothes are too loose, you might feel uncomfortable while stretching, and if the clothes are too tight, you will feel claustrophobic while performing the exercise.
  • Whether you are a man or woman, pants are always the safest options for exercising. You should choose trousers or leggings to make sure the pants are not too baggy or too tight. We recommend selecting well-fitting clothes because your trainer needs to observe your movements while you are doing Pilates.
  • Keeping womens privacy in mind, we recommend women should not be wearing see-through leggings because Pilates includes stretches where women need to lift their legs in the air.  The same goes for T-shirts. If you are a female, we recommend wearing translucent T-shirts that can absorb sweat. Make sure your T-shirt is just right, neither too skinny nor too baggy.
  • If you are new to Pilates, you can try wearing the T-shirts and stretch your hands while bending back and forth to see if you are comfortable before you pick your Pilates workout clothing.
  • Women should opt for sportswear. If you are a woman, you should choose the right kind of inner-wear to avoid tissue damage, scars, and ligament stretch. We recommend using sports bras instead of regular bras, especially when doing Pilates.  
  • Avoid the Bermudas during Pilates. The Bermudas are a common choice for men when it comes to doing a few sets of Pilates because it keeps your legs bare and helps in the movements. It is a good choice, especially for men.  If you are a female or male, we recommend avoiding the Bermudas when it comes to choosing  workout clothing for obvious reasons.
  •  If you are selecting shorts, make sure the shorts are tight and not loose so that the pants stick to your body when you raise your legs in the air.
  • Make sure you wear non-slip socks.  We suggest the socks you wear while doing Pilates should be non-slippery. Usually, Pilates is done barefoot. It cannot be done with your shoes on. However, if you do not feel comfortable doing Pilates barefoot, you can choose to wear socks; however, the socks should not be slippery. 


To conclude, it can be said that since Pilates is an exercise that includes stretches and your instructor needs to see your body movements to assess whether you are doing it right, you need to choose clothes that are not too baggy nor too skinny. Also, make sure the clothes you wear should not be see-through, and most importantly, the socks should not be slippery.

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