Every Gym Lover Should Try These Dumbbell Back Exercises For Strong Back

dumbbell back exercises

No doubt, GYm is the best place to make a strong and healthy body. But proper gyming is as important as joining the gym. Most of the people focus on the front side, biceps, and ignore the back side. In this blog, we will guide you on what to do for a strong back.

Reverse Fly

Target your uppercase back muscles and fly back,

  • Slightly hinge on the hips with your feet, shoulders apart. 
  • Your torso should always be parallel to the floor
  • slightly bent elbows and hang your dumbbells straight down from your shoulders
  • Raise your arms out to the side and elbows are at shoulder height
  • Hold it and repeatedly keep your back flat and your cores tighten. 

‍Bent-Over Row

Make sure to Freeze your body and let your arms move in the appropriate directions in these dumbbell back exercises. Stand up, with slightly bent knees reached down to hold the 2 dumbbells by keeping your upper arms parallel to the body, lift them up, hold and then lower it slowly

‍Romanian DeadLift

In this, you Lift up your back muscles with your dumbbells. Stand with feet, hip-width apart and hold two dumbbells with both hands. 

Lower yourself with your hips bend back, torso forward and feel the stretching s  in your hamstrings

Hold it for a few seconds and return back by squeezing your glutes at the top of you. 

‍Upright Row

It is one of the effective dumbbell workouts to strengthen up your back and triceps.

Stand with your feet shoulder by parting it with your elbows.  Slightly bend yourself and try to hang the dumbbells in front of your body.  Pull the dumbbells in an upward direction towards your chin, by slowly pulling up your shoulder blades back and down. Hold and repeat the exercise.


This kind of dumbbell back exercises is quite simple and effective for your body.  Place your feet shoulder apart, give allowance to the dumbbells to be hung at your sides with bent elbows. Maintain the body posture, pull your shoulders up towards your ears, do your shoulder blades back and down. Pause and repeat it by lowering the dumbbells for back exercise.

Apart from these exercises, you can also do incline bench row, dumbbell skull crusher, lateral pullovers, opposite foot bents, lying lateral raises and many more. These exercises will give an effective effect on your body and physique. 


Traditionally doing push-ups is always beneficial for building up your muscles. They are effective for triceps, biceps and pectoral muscles. These exercises also strengthen up the lower back and cores. Do not forget to try these dumbbell back exercises when you go to the gym next time. These exercises help in maintaining property posture positions along with giving long lives to back bones. 

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