Build Pull-Ups For More Effective Overall Muscle Growth

pull day workout

You’ve been training for a while now and it’s time to crank up that pull ups. But if you’re like most people, who are looking for a quick and easy solution, the pull up machine at your local gym is probably not going to cut it. That’s a full pull down workout for many folks, but if you got some extra energy left above, you might also add wrist curls or ankle curls here.

The Leg Day Workout

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That’s why many workouts these days have gone from “rest day” workouts to “push day” workouts, using just your body weight for resistance. And for someone who likes to work out regularly and is concerned about adding more mass to their frame, this can be great. But if this is new to you, I would suggest you make sure that you really know how to do a pull up properly before you start. This will save you a lot of frustration in the long run. Here’s what you need to know.

Pull Up Technique – The pull down exercises that you do in a pull day workout should be performed in a very controlled manner. There shouldn’t be much or any movement when you get to the bottom. When you come up, return to the starting position, do an exercise, and then return to the bottom. You’ll find that doing these exercises properly will help you develop great form, which will shorten the amount of time you’re out there working out. But remember, always use proper form, because otherwise you won’t be able to do these exercises safely.

Weighted Rope Exercises

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All of your pull-day workouts should involve some form of weighted rope exercises. The most popular exercises are the standard pull up, where you’re lifting the weight with one hand and the bent over barbell pull up where you’re lifting the weight with your legs. Both of these exercises are great for building big muscle mass. They also help build endurance, which will ensure that you can work out and train for muscle building for a long time to come.

Muscle Pushing Exercises – One of the most important things you should include in your pull-day workout are push ups. You’ll want to do a few sets of push ups, each one lifting a little bit more than the last. To add more resistance, you can do some leg raises. And of course, one of the most popular exercises is the flat chest press, where you’re lifting the weight with your arms and then pressing it against your chest. These are all great exercises to use for your chest and arm muscles.

Legs, Arms And Chest

For your pull-day workout you need to work on three muscle groups: your quads (backs of your legs), your triceps (forearms on your shoulders), and your shoulder press. The most popular exercise for these muscle groups is the flat bench press, where you’re pressing the barbell straight up against the bench. If you’d like to add more resistance, you can do push-ups, or do some more flyes using your legs. Another common exercise is the bent-over row, where you are laying face down on a bench and pulling the barbell up with your arms, behind your head. This exercise uses a different technique than the bench press, and is a very effective workout.


You’ll also need to remember that these workouts have to be done with proper form, otherwise they won’t be effective. If you do too many repetitions with bad form, it will do absolutely nothing for you. Take the time to learn the proper technique and stick to it, and you’ll be seeing more overall muscle growth in no time. Start getting stronger and fitter now!

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