Bodyweight Workout Plan PDF - How To Keep Yourself Healthy And Strong -

Bodyweight Workout Plan PDF – How To Keep Yourself Healthy And Strong

bodyweight workout plan pdf

If you would like to improve your body weight then you have to come up with the proper workout plan that will help your goal. For those who would like to focus on strength training, they might have to make a few purchases if they are unable to follow tough exercises on their own. These materials can be of inspiration on a daily basis and would be perfect if you would like to add it to the bodyweight workout plan PDF.

Bodyweight Workout Plan PDF – Using The Punching Bag

Here we give some tips, the punching bag should be of not tear-able material because of your hard punches. It should be light in weight and portable. The base should be kept with a stand to withstand the hard punches. Rugged PVC type material of punching bag and greater diameter improves the striking ability of your punches. This type of product is safe for an indoor and outdoor workout.

Bodyweight Workout Plan PDF – Using Focus Mitts

A close up of a cage

Wear the focus mitts just like the glove. Now, using focus mitts requires a high level of concentration and energy. For using it you will need a partner. Whenever you use it, always focus on the center of the pad. Whoever is holding the focus mitts should constantly monitor the punching technique. Always remember that the left pad should be punched with the left hand and the right with the right. While using one should remember using sound punches rather than powerful punches. Use the pad only when you are boxing, etc. Do not wear them all the time.

Bodyweight Workout Plan PDF – Punching Tower

Punching tower just works like a punching bag except it can stand up to a perfect height. Now before using a punching tower make sure it has a stand to stand on or make sure you put some sand as some punching towers need sand to stand straight with the weight of the sand. Then inflate it using the machine given for inflation.

Then stand at a safe distance from the punching tower and then start to punch. It goes back and forth with every punch and it can go on for a day. After finishing with it make sure you fold it and keep it safe for the next time. The punching tower is very easy to use and can be kept in very little space. It is easily available and at an affordable price. It builds up stamina and strength just by using it in-home workouts. It is a perfect gift for people who love boxing. Overall it is a great sports product.


The next time you are planning a body weight workout plan, make sure you add something that will help you with strength training and enhance your workout strategies in the right manner possible. Know more about how you can plan your workout to bring the best outcomes possible. If not, you can always choose CrossFit training methods but however, you will have to do it under the right guidance.

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