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A Hardcore Resistance Band Workout Plan

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In this busy world, it is tough for people to spare some time for their physical fitness, all thanks to various virus which causes shut down of gyms and other parks. Hence, people have no other option than a home workout, and by thinking of a home workout, you cannot ignore the resistance bands. However, if you want to exercise at home, not everyone can purchase giant machines and ample space to set up a gym. Hence, then comes the role of resistance bands, as they merely acquire any room and give excellent results. Therefore, read out this whole article about the hardcore resistance band workout plan and other things you need to know.

Types of resistance band

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People think that resistance band is just one thing, but they do not know even though they have different types and functions. Looped bands, mainly used for bicep workouts, straight bands, can be used for various parts like arms, chest, and legs. You may face difficulty holding it initially; after practice, it will be a fun job to do. You may not know, but the band’s color signifies their strength, like black and blue color have higher resistance for weight. On the other hand, red, green yellow have less resistance or weight. Therefore, while buying the band, check what you need according to your workout and your ability to lift.

Bicep curl: resistance band workout plan

This a great exercise to perform to build your biceps, forearm, and shoulder. You probably would have seen people using these bands and this exercise for pumping up. However, you can use a high resistance band if you want more stretch. Put both your feet over the resistance band and hold the one end of the round with one arm. Your face and back should be straight and palm forward-facing, and stretch your arm up to the shoulder. Do reps as per your ability, but not less than 8-10 reps. You can even perform it with both your arms, which helps to give a peak to your biceps.

Chest stretch

Some people think you cannot train your chest with the bands, but they are wrong. Although various types of pushups help you build strong muscles of your chest but use a resistance band, you create multiple parts of your chest. Put the bar behind your back, and bend your knees a bit. Place your head straight, and make an arc on your back, and then stretch the band. It will help you build muscles of your side, chest, and even back. Try as maximum reps for the best results.

Summing Up

However, it does not matter what type of band you use if your will is not strong. Therefore, if you want the best results and are passionate about fitness, you have to be regular. Hence, always be stable, try various exercises and live a healthy and happy life by working out every day.

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