A Few Basic Dumbbell Leg Workouts For Men

dumbbell leg workout

Whether you work out at a gym or at your own home, dumbbell leg workout can add the extra zip to your workouts by raising the level of stress placed on your legs. The more stress on your legs the less likely you are to be able to exercise at top form. With frequent dumbbell leg-workouts in your workout routine, you will literally haul heavy dumbbells from supermarket to gym and climb stairs without even thinking twice about it.


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One of the main compound exercises for the lower body, deadlift works out both the quads or upper body muscles and the glutes or buttocks. The deadlift works out your lower body strength, while simultaneously building up your deadlift glutes. With deadlines, your legs have to lengthen down to get to where you are standing. To work the glutes, perform sets of bent-over rows followed by stiff-legged deadlifts.

Barbell squat

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Probably the most common dumbbell leg workout for the quadriceps, the barbell squat exercises all the major muscle groups in the lower body. With this workout, your legs have to extend towards the ground instead of staying straight. For the barbell squat, start with three reps (instead of five). If you do not feel comfortable on the balls of your feet, add a foot or two of thick-soled socks onto each barbell. Always keep your back straight and barbells held at shoulder width. Also, never cross your feet or legs over the bars.

Squats And Deadlifts

Squats and deadlifts are also included in the dumbbell leg workout for your lower-body. However, unlike barbell squats and deadlifts, doing good mornings requires you to bend your knees. To do the good mornings, stand with the floor about shoulder width apart. Then use both hands to support your body and bend your knees to the point that your back is already 90 degrees.

Cable Squats

Another effective, lower body exercise that also strengthens the quadriceps are cable squats. This is where you have to use free weights rather than barbells. The cable squats exercise not only strengthens your quads, but it will also improve your hip flexors, hamstrings and trapezius muscles.

Hanging Leg Raises

One of the toughest calf raises that you can do is done by lying on your back with your feet flat on the ground. Next, you have to raise your legs up and hang them with the calves hanging in between your feet. In order to do the hanging leg raises, you must start in a standing position and then raise one leg up until it is at the height of your chest. After that, you have to lower the same leg and start in a standing position.

Wrapping Up

You must also work on the abdominal muscles during the dumbbell leg workout for your legs. To do the abdominal workouts, you have to raise your legs straight up until they are fully extended. You can do this by either doing leg lifts or with two dumbbells in each hand and place them on your sides. Then curl your pelvis up to form an upside down U shape and lift your legs up as high as possible while still keeping your legs in line with your chest. For best results, you should hold this position for five seconds before switching to the next set of legs.

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