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A 4-Day Workout Routine For Fast Muscle Growth

4 day workout routine

How would you feel if you had a secret weapon that gave you an edge in that fight you had? You probably wouldn’t want to fight your friend when he has all the better weapons, would he? It’s like that, if you want to get the best results, you have to have a killer program.

A typical workout split refers to the way you split up your individual body parts over your training sessions. There are all types of ways that you could do this, from training each body part every other day to training your entire body just once per week. This 4-day workout routine divide is a middle choice between those two extremes in which you split your body up into four separate training days within a week. It allows you to grow each muscle group at a steady pace, which is great when you are trying to bulk up.

Increasing The Number Of Reps

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The first day will be a period where you focus on increasing the number of reps that you are performing for each exercise as well as the weights that you are using for those. For example, on your first day of your four-day routine, you should be doing either leg presses or squats with a lower weight. You should be using less weight on your second and third exercises, and the weights should be starting to become more high resistance as the day goes on. By building up the weights in each muscle group, you will be building some strength and the repetitions on those exercises will become easier to do.

On your second and third workout, you will be taking your legs and doing barbell squats followed by calf raises. You will be using the same weight on the second and third exercises, but you will be switching up the exercises to focus on different muscle groups. For example, on your third exercise, you will be using preacher curls to work out the triceps, and you will switch to dumbbell preacher curls for the second set. Remember, with any workout routine, it is important that you keep the repetitions low for the most effective results.

Look At The Four-Day Splits

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Now let’s take a look at the four-day splits that are perfect for building muscle and burning fat. Your first two workouts should be the same, but on the third day of your routine you will do squats and dumbbell deadlifts to target the lower body. The fourth day will work out your upper body, doing squats and bench press curls to target your shoulders.

Then your last two workouts, the final two exercises that you should be focusing on, will both target your calves and hamstrings for an overall effect. It’s easy to make this work into your normal routine, since you probably already do some of these exercises on other days of the week.

Like To Alternate Their Days

There are many other ways to arrange your four day split. Some people like to have their curls done first, and then their presses, so that they can focus solely on their build. Others like to alternate their days, working out the same muscle groups on one day, then going to the gym for another two days. Or you could do a rotation with some sets or reps, or mix them up a little bit. It’s really up to you and how your body will react to the different training patterns.

When it comes to your rest days, make sure you get the recommended amount of sleep, which is at least eight hours, for each set of muscles that you are targeting. One of the biggest mistakes that I see many men make is that they skip their workouts, not because they aren’t tired, but because they are sleeping. Don’t shortchange yourself when it comes to getting enough sleep. Sleep is extremely important for muscle growth, so make sure that you give it to the task at hand.


Another thing to keep in mind with these workouts is that you need to be focusing on lifting weight with the dumbbells, and not on completing sets. That means you should alternate your workouts so that you complete three sets of twelve, and then go to a one-set workout for the remaining four days. Your goal should be to create six complete workout sessions, not just three sets that involve the use of the dumbbells. This will force your muscles to adapt faster, so that they are ready for what you have in store for them. Follow these simple tips, and you’ll have no problem getting huge results in just a matter of weeks.

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