5 back exercises for building muscles

Back Exercises

The best way to stimulate your back? Include it in all its glory with a healthy workout plan. You’ve got an endless number of movements at your disposal when you crack open the toolkit on back day, but if they’re too much for you or come up blank during brainstorming sessions think about this list as a new blueprint! We compared research from head-to-head studies and took into account factors including:

Trainer discretion is key here: Everybody has their preference when doing exercises so don’t be afraid to try different ones until something sticks.

It’s time to get back! Here are the best back exercises for your muscles, and 5 complete workouts that you can do right away.


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The deadlift is one of the back exercises for back gaining, but with so many variations available it’s hard to pick just one! Still, when you’re looking for muscle gain in your back, you can’t go wrong with this no-frills exercise. Make sure that you don’t rush into things too fast – start light and focus on form before adding more weight or reps.


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Pull-ups are great back exercises for back building because they do what they say on the tin; work your back muscles while performing a pull movement. It’s also another exercise where it’s really important to keep good form (your core should be tight at all times), so it’s one to start with when building back size.

T-Bar Row

The T-bar row, as the name suggests is a different variation of bent-over rowing. Serious lifters know that there’s a big difference between this exercise and other variations due to its potential for more weight! You also have many options when it comes down to grip widths or hand positions so you can focus on different areas in your back depending on what areas need work most at any given time.

Reverse flyes

Reverse flyes are another back exercise that doesn’t require much weight or strength at all, meaning you can focus on form and contraction without worrying about whether you’ll make it through the whole reps. Being able to control the weight after a boost from an assisted machine will also help boost that muscle tone back into shape!

The reverse fly is an exercise that works the rear shoulders and major muscles of the upper back. It can be done at home or in a gym setting with just dumbbells, so it’s perfect for any strength-training routine!

Back extensions

These back exercises for the back building have been proven time and again to work by trainers across the world, so there’s no excuse not to give them a try! To get started with this back workout plan simply make sure you do back exercises at least twice a week, keeping the back-extension machine in mind.


These exercises will provide everything you need in order not only to feel stronger but be able to function at its fullest potential and avoid any future problems from developing! Remember that as we progress through these movements- always add weight or resistance cautiously while remembering what our bodies are capable of because they can handle more than just lightweights sometimes without issue.

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