3 of the Best Workout Clothing Brands

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The best workout clothing brands aren’t always the ones with the most cutting edge designs or the flashiest styles. Some brands just seem to cater to small women who tend to look too boyish or too feminine. Of course, their styles look fantastic on hard, thin, average looking mannequins in the store, but when you put those same items to the sewing table, it’s often a different story.

Delta Burke

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One of the best workout clothing brands for large-breasted women is Delta Burke. Her extensive line of maternity support wear has killer designs on all three levels: sports bra, push-up bra, and camisole. Capri pants, leggings, long leg pants, cropped pants, and one-piece bathing suits are also a hit. Delta Burke even includes a few pairs of designer jeans in her collection, including a skinny Jean with an adjustable crotch for the ultimate in stretch. If you want to take your maternity wardrobe to the next level, check out Delta Burke.


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If you like to find the best workout clothing brands for big and tall women, there’s not a brand better than Hanes. They offer everything from capris to shorts and from long skirts to tank tops. While the line of maternity wear may be less exciting than Delta Burke’s, they’re no slouch when it comes to comfort. Their seamless athletic pants have been designed with a special stretchy material that helps them fit more tightly and stay wrinkle free while you’re in the gym. And their tank tops are made of fine-tuned technical fabrics for superior breathability.

For a more fun feel, there’s nothing better than Delta Burke with its fun-loving line of active ecru. This range includes comfortable tee shirts, fun t-shirts, leggings, and booties, all modeled in unique color combinations. With designs ranging from cartoons to hip, Delta Burke is definitely one of the best workout clothing brands for large women.

A Pea In The Pod For Great Plus Size Women’s Workout Wear

If comfort isn’t your thing, you might want to try A Pea in the Pod for great plus size women’s workout wear. This brand offers top-notch athletic wear with styles ranging from leggings to long leggings and from sports bras to sports bras. If sports bra’s aren’t your cup of tea, don’t fret; A Pea in the Pod has a cute line of basic nursing tops and bottoms as well. No matter what type of workout gear you prefer, you can count on A Pea in the Pod to provide it. From sexy to funky, and everything in between, this brand provides it all. Plus, they have a fantastic selection of athletic shoes that go from casual to classy every day.

Summing Up 

Of course, no article on the best workout clothing brands would be complete without mentioning the sweatshirt. Most people have at least one sweatshirt in their wardrobe, and sweatshirts offer many benefits. They can give you extra warmth during the cold months, or provide comfort if you get too hot during the summer. Sweatshirts also provide a very unique look, and you can find plenty of fun designs. From cartoon characters to country music, you can likely find a sweatshirt that will suit your tastes.

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