10 Effective Ways To Get More Out Of Chest Press Dumbbell

chest press dumbbell

Chest press dumbbell is a chest exercise done while lying on the bench with weights up. When you are doing chest press dumbbells, your arms should be extended straight above your chest with palms facing the upper way. Then slowly lower the weights to chest-level. Pause for a few seconds and then push the weight up again with your chest muscles, making sure you are breathing in during the process. Do this about 10 times to get a better result.

You can also try an incline chest press dumbbell where the bench is inclined at 45 degree angle. This will make it easier for you to do chest press dumbbells.

1. Do chest press with the right weights

Doing chest presses with the wrong weight will not help your chest muscles grow and it might end up hurting you instead of strengthening your chest muscles. So make sure that when doing chest presses, you are using bars or weighted plates which are heavy enough for you.

2. Check the bench before chest press dumbbell

A person on the machine

When you are doing chest presses, check if the bench is sturdy enough so that it will not break while you are doing chest press dumbbells. Also check if it can take your weight or not because if it can’t, the result might be catastrophic!

3. Wear enough chest protection

Wearing a chest pad and chest guard is a must when doing chest press dumbbells to prevent any chest injury. Also make sure it’s not loose, otherwise the chest pad won’t be able to protect you properly.

4. Do chest press in correct way

While doing chest press dumbbells, you need to make sure that your chest muscles are doing the pushing, not your arms. Your chest should be contracted up to 90 degrees which might even go up to 100 if you are pushing with full force.

5. Use chest press machine

Using a chest press machine for a chest press dumbbell is a lot easier than using a bar because there’s less risk of injury and it will let you chest press with the right weight.

6. Use chest press is hold method

While doing chest presses, try to contract your chest muscles in an isometric way by pushing your chest muscles against the chest pad inside the machine for 5-10 seconds without releasing it and then go back to normal chest pressing position. This will give you a better result.

7. Work chest press into your chest workout

Try to work chest press dumbbells as the first chest exercise in your chest workout because it will give you better chest pump than any other chest exercise and also try using weights which are heavier than what you used last time.


Chest press dumbbells should be done in the correct way so that it will not injure your chest muscles. You should also make sure that the chest press machine is stable enough and the chest pad or chest guard is not loose. Incline chest press dumbbell might also give you better results because it will be easier to do chest press dumbbell with the right weight.

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